Congratulations to Sam H. Chang and Mark A. Mancini in being named among the Best Lawyers and Top 1% of all lawyers in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area by the

Washingtonian Magazine, December 2007 Issue. 


Washington DC (December 5, 2007)

Washingtonian Magazine has published their listing of the best lawyers in the DC Metro area.  We are proud to annouce that Sam H. Chang and Mark A. Mancini were named by Washingtonian Magazine as the top 1% of all the lawyers in the DC Metro region (page 146). 

This is the fifth time that Washingtonian has complied their list of top lawyers.  They use a peer-review system in which they contacted 1,000 attorneys and asked them who the top practioners in their field were and whom they would hire to represent them in that fied.  The top-rated 800 lawyers represent what Washingtonian estimates is an elite one percent of the approximately 80,000 attorneys working in private practice in the DC Metro region.